stevia sugar

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Shandong, China
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Liquid-Solid Extraction
Stevioside 90,95,98%, Rebaudios
White Powder
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30 Ton/Tons per Month
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1. common stevioside 90%:

   White or little yellow crystal powder or granule with cool and sweet taste. It is sweeter than cane sugar by300 times. Realizable sweet density is about 0.002%, in case the density is high, there is a little bitterness. Sweet taste is difficult to disappear in the mouth. It can resist high temperature and can be stable in the acid and alkali solution (ph3-9), if it is added in the soft drink of PH value 3.0; it does not change in the room temperature reservation for 30days.

  Usage: The stevioside can be used in the bitter beverage, carbonic acid beverage and pickle to improve sweet taste as the sweetener of liquor rice and cane sugar as well as reducing hypertension, promoting metabolism, curing acid stomach and so on as the non calorie food sweetener. 

 2. Rebaudioside A :

    RA glucoside stevioside is the best part of stevioside, white or little yellow crystal powder or granule with cool and sweet taste. It is sweeter than cane sugar by 300-450 times, but the calorie is 1/300 of cane sugar. It belongs to the substitute of stevioside and keeps other merits of original stevioside; Sweet taste is difficult to disappear in the mouth. It can be stable in the acid and alkali solution (ph3-9), so that improve food taste quality and enhance product level.

   Usage: The stevioside is widely used in the food, beverage, pickle, every chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, healthy food and so on, the cost is further low, taste is better than the cane sugar. 
3. Stevia Mix

     This product is the new developed instant-eaten food on the basis of stevioside; it can be taken directly instead of cane sugar. Thanks to the new product is made by the stevioside and some auxiliary edible materials such as: malt dextrin, starch and the like. This product can prevent and treat diabetes, adiposity, hypertension, decayed tooth and arteriosclerosis as an auxiliary method.

4. Enzymatically Modified Stevioside:
 The product is made use of the technology of biological enzyme to bring in grape base selectively and enhance the content of glucoside on the basis of molecule framework structure of stevioside and then surmount bitterness and improve flavour of original stevioside extensively. White or little yellow powder, flake or granule. To surmount various purity, low solution, bitterness of commom stevioside ansd make taste getting close to cane sugar. Proportion instead of cane sugar from 30% to 70% and degrade the cost. Sweetness is 100-140 times as same as cane sugar, cool sweet. This product is very stable as common stevioside under usual food process term, Enzyme technology improve dispersion in water so as to better solubility and is applied into various beverage and drink very much.
Sweetener, used mainly low calory food, carbonic acid beverage, fruit juice, cold drink, cake, pickle, aquatic product and so on.

Features of stevioside

1. Higher Safety: The residents of place of origin of stevioside (Paraguay in South American , Malaysia and so on) have eaten it for several hundred years without finding any poisonous substance.

   2. Low calorie: Low calorie food and beverage made by stevioside is suitable for the people of diabetes, adiposity and arteriosclerosis.

   3. The Stevioside is compatible with water and alcohol. it is more flavorful to take mixed with cane sugar, fruit sugar, dissimilation candy and so on…

 4. The Stevioside is the non fermented substance with stable and fresh features. The people do not come with the decayed tooth depending on eating for a long time.  

  5.The stevioside can be used to produce corrective to control the peculiar smell of some food ,to produce pharmaceuticals, syrup, medicinal granules and pills as well as used in seasoning, pickles,toothpaste, cosmetic , cigarettes and so on.

  6.economical efficiency :   The cost of the stevioside is equivalent to 30-40% of the cane sugar.

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